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Your Child Will EVER Need
As a parent, you know how tough it is having to drive to soccer practice, dealing with coaches, and having to build confidence within your child's ability to play. With the All Access Pass, you get acccess to all of our current and future programs that have helped over 15,000 athletes play with more confidence, get noticed, and get thousands of touches on the ball at a fraction of the time at a low monthly cost.
When it Comes to Your Childs' Ability to Play Confidently, There are Two Major Problems...
Problem 1 has to do with the lack of touches that I see at practice. In US soccer practice, players are averaging anywhere between 300-400 touches a session. Most players practice 3 times a week with a few games on the weekends. This means, that on average, players are getting around 1500 touches a week.

That is literally nothing...

Looking at our European and South American neighbors, we see that these players are averaging close to 10,000 touches a practice. 

This means that all the time and money you are currently spending driving to games, getting gear, being a supportive parent is being used on a system that is not developing your child.  

Problem 2 is that most players who do want to be better spend their off days and time outside of practice not knowing what they should be training on.

They do what they can in order to improve their ability.

Unfortunately, most coaches are volunteers, do not have the time, or don't know the proper structure to develop an effective training routine around technical development that improves ball control and coordination on the players own time.

This leaves many players looking all over the internet for videos, articles, training plans, you name it - to try and get better.

They try one video and get frustrated because they see that the drill is out of their skill level, can't see how it will work during a game situation, or just don't know where to start.

In short, the players end up even more frustrated and left feeling hopeless - like they haven't improved at all.

This leaves you, the parent, feeling confused about what to do or how to best support them because you want them to be successful but also don't want to push them too far...

I see it time after time, players killing themselves trying to develop their skill, yet failing, and end up quitting the beautiful game. 

But it is not their fault...and it most certainly is not your fault. 
“most players who do want to be better spend their off days and time outside of practicing not knowing what they should be training on.”
Many players just don't have the system in place to improve their skill.

Lack of ball control and coordination is a problem that affects thousands of players. It is what most major clubs and organizations have deemed to be the most determining factor when it comes to a players success.

It is also the number ONE problem we hear from parents that see their child struggling with being comfortable on the ball.

Lack of ball control also leads to other detrimental situations such as coaches not paying enough attention to your child, low self-esteem, longer bench time, freezing up in pressure situations, etc. 

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.
The All Access Pass is...
A new and game-changing membership that will put a stop to your child's lack of ball control and coordination issues.

The All Access Pass is focused on giving you the systems your child needs to allow them to train anywhere - giving them thousands of touches on the ball in a tight space, developing their control, comfortability, fitness, and yes - confidence. 

You see, this is the same training that I make all of my players do who are also struggling with keeping the ball at their feet and need a boost in confidence - regardless if they are in youth soccer, high-school, collegiate and yes even my semi-pro players.

The reason why it works so well is because of the Progressive Stacking System that we use. 

All of our programs are divided and broken down into ball control "families" and you start off with the absolute most basic patterns in week one, and as your child continues on, you begin to master those. 

The moment your child starts to feel comfortale, we beging to add a more complexity while removing a little bit of the simplicity.

So literally by the end of any one program, you are able to do all the intermediate and advanced movements.

You can literally see results at the end of the first week.

Now this is only one of the many features found within the training programs.

Can you imagine your child's game when they have improved their ball control to the point where they can literally demand the ball off of other players feet?

Where they are comfortable with the ball in tight spaces and can turn on any defender?

Where they are getting thousands of touches each day outside of practice developing their confidence on the ball?

As a licensed strength and conditioning coach, I have worked with thousands of athletes to improve their performance by focusing on the tools and methods that produce results. 

This led me to being hired by some of the top level coaches to improve their players performance.

However my passion as always been for the beautiful game, for soccer, and after training collegiate and semi pro players, I realized that nothing improved ball control, coordination, and confidence more than a progressive system that focuses on maximizing touches in a tight space

This led me to create the various programs under Renegade Soccer Training and provide them all in a simple to access and implement membership call the All Access Pass.
The All Access Pass is Like Giving Your Child The Coach They Wished They Had...
  • Make your child more effective on the field. - Rather than kicking the ball out into open space, they'll gain the ability to control the ball, and essentially the pace of the game, so they can place the ball exactly where their team needs it. 
  •  Your child will earn the trust of their coach and teammates - Thier ability to control the ball is directly related to how much their team passes them the ball as well as their play time. When your child is able to hold their own against the defense, make smarter decisions, and help their team win, their team and coach will start to rely and count on them. 
  •  Increase the confidence your child has in themselves. - Stop the second guessing or freezing up whenever they know the ball is coming their way. When your child knows they can control the ball, they look forward to being on the pitch with their teammates, taking on the defense rather than sitting on the bench. 
"His skills improved so much that he went from the worst ball control on his rec team to the best over the winter break"
After stumbling across some Renegade Soccer Training YouTube videos and seeing an Evolution of Touch ad on Facebook, I decided to get EOT for my 11-year-old son as something I could work on with him to improve his soccer game. His skills improved so much that he went from the worst ball control on his rec team to the best over the winter break and after the 2017 spring season ended he was asked to join a travel club team in town. I then bought Next Level Dribbling and after 3 months of both programs, if I didn’t hear a compliment from a ref after the game, a parent or coach - I'd think something is wrong.
This really is a great system and we do NLD and EOT in my son's bedroom. For this winter we are going to get Wall Work Warrior and then Total Control System. Take time with each program and your child’s skills will improve after a few sessions every week.

- Nick Pylarinos, Proud Soccer Dad
Here Are A Few Of The Programs You'll Gain Access Too With The All Access Pass...
Total Control System
Total Control System is an Off Day Training Program that combines ball control and fitness through 12 modules that you can do right in your own living room. It is YOUR off day trainer. 
Valued at $297.00
Mastery of Touch
Evolution of Touch II: Mastery of Touch is a program designed for advanced athletes who are already confident on the ball and are looking to dominate defenses. It outlines how you can perform any move at any time and break down entire defenses by creating passing lanes and opening up space. This unique system is programmed with our “Break-Rhythm” system we created that’s causing our college and semi-pro players become more creative on the field as they master controlling defenders.
Valued at $197.00
Evolution of Touch
Evolution of Touch is a progressive system aimed at developing tight ball control, first touch, and fitness.  There are over 35 soccer drills split into 10 videos providing you with thousands of touches that only take about 15-20 minutes a day. 
Valued at $97.00
Wall Work Warrior
Wall Work Warrior is a progressive system aimed at developing your first touch and speed of play. It incorporates the best training tool out there; a wall – to develop your ability to pass, trap, and turn on a defender. The 12 video are built progressively so you start with basics in week one but as you move up to week for, the simplicity begins to be removed while complexity is added.
Valued at $97.00
Plus, You Also Get...
  • Next Level Dribbling - Our foundational program that develops attacking, dribbling, aggressiveness, and confidence ability to go to goal. 
  •  Next Level Dribbling II - Expand your child's 1v1 arsenal and have them begin layering moves to keep defenders guessing. Learn how to create space and set up defenders. 
  •  Back of The Net - RST’s shooting and serving a ball to win program! Same amazing progressions with bonus instruction for applying new skills. This takes takes your child's desire to score goals and makes it a reality, by simply following our method for developing the skills to hit the corners without thought!
  •  Juggling Mastery -  Juggling I takes players from the most basic skills of learning to contact the ball to full aerial control. Dozens of fun uptakes to keep it lively. This is our best kept secret in terms of value and confidence when you learn how to keep that ball up in the air at will!
  •  All Future Programs Including: Speed & Agility, Strength & Fitness, Gameday Mastery plus many more!
"At winter evaluations, the coach said "let's be honest, he is the best player on the team. "
Coach JR and his team and given my 11 y.o. son exactly what he needs to improve his ball skills and comfort level in 1v1.  He was a pretty good player on the team at the end of last spring. 
We "went" Rogue this past summer. Then continued with at least 1 video 6 out of 7 days each week since. At winter evaluations, the coach said "let's be honest, he is the best player on the team.
Mastery of Touch has just continued to blossom the progression. Concrete evidence: his juggling record in August was 29, record in November was 167, his new record set on 2/1/18 was 394!
No extra juggling practice, just Renegade for life!

- Sam Lilley, Proud Soccer Dad
When You Get The All Access Pass, Here Is What You'll Discover Inside...
Specific Technical Development
All of our programs are designed to maximize touches on the ball to build confidence and comfortability. Each program was created to develop a specific area either ball control, first touch, 1v1, etc. With the videos ranging from 15 to 30 minutes in length, your child can get their touches in, develop specific areas of their game, and achieve more play time without having to sacrifice their "me" time. 
Progressive Systems
Already built into all of our videos, our progressive systems will get challenging week after week to ensure that your child is constantly getting better and better. They start with the basics but as they move up from video to video, the footwork patterns get a little more challenging, building up their legs and muscle memory, giving them faster and better results. This also keeps the workouts fun and entertaining. All the need to do is "Push Play & Train" 
Follow Along Calendars
Each program comes with its own follow along calendar to keep your child on track as they move through the system. Each day, they'll know exactly what video they need to do. It also highlights their progress tracker days so they can test themeselves and see how much progress they have made.
Guided Coaching & Instruction
We created all of our programs to be simple. All your child has to do is push play. No guesswork. The system is completely laid out and each video has step by step coaching and instruction so they know how to do each move, with the right technique. There is no guesswork. Just push play and train
Our Unique & Proven Progress Tracker
Unique to Renegade Soccer Training, the progress tracker allows you and your child to see results. Track how much they have improved and see their progress. Rather than guessing and assuming they are getting better, the tracker also shows you the stage of development your child is currently in and what expectations you should try to strive towards. Each program comes with their own unique progress tracker.  
And Just To Make It Better...
As a bonus, we also give you all the videos as downloadable MP3s. That way, you can literally train anywhere without having to watch a screen. 

Just plug in your headphones and listen to the queues as they tell you exactly which footwork pattern to do next and when to switch. 
"He was moved from fullback to midfield due to greatly improved dribbling. His confidence and play improved dramatically."
My guy started doing Renegade in October. The results were truly amazing (and I’m not being paid to say this). He scored more goals this winter than in his previous 3 years in travel combined. He was moved from fullback to midfield due to greatly improved dribbling. His confidence and play improved dramatically. Really incredible how much progress a determined kid can make with Renegade as a useful tool. Thanks guys!

- Dave Port, Proud Soccer Dad
And You’ll Get It All Today For $297 / Year
For about $24 / Month, less than $1 a day, you get years worth of technical development, mental toughness, and fitness.
To Recap, You're Getting...
  •  Total Control System (Valued at $297)
  •  Mastery of Touch (Valued at $197)
  •  Next Level Dribbling II (Valued at $147)
  •  Back of The Net (Valued at $127)
  •  Evolution of Touch (Valued at $97)
  •  Wall Work Warrior (Valued at $97)
  •  Juggling Mastery (Valued at $97)
  •  All Future Programs
  •  Calendars
  •  Progress Trackers
  •  Downloadable MP3s
Total Value: $1,300+
So for less than the price of a personal one on one coach, fancy soccer cleats, or a video game console, you can put an end to your child's ball control, coordination, and confidence issues and never again have them question or feel lost when it comes to knowing what to train on. You get a years worth of programming.

But you have to act quick as this is for action takers. This is a one time offer on this page only. If you leave this page, you won't find this offer again. Don't miss out on this offer by delaying it.
30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you unsatisfied with this program for any reason, return it for a 100% refund within the 30 day period
"I personally guarantee you'll be amazed at the results you get with this program. I don't want you to risk anything. If you see no progress, I'll refund you your money, no questions asked. 

- Coach JR
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The All Access Pass is based on years of coaching and training athletes from all different kinds of backgrounds.

We incorporated so much into it including a progressive system that focuses on developing ball control and coordination with guided instruction and step by step coaching. All along the way, you are actually able to see your childs progress by having them take the progress tracker. There really isn’t anything else out there that is the same as this membership.

You get all of our current and future training programs for less than the cost of a personal coach, night out at the movies, or a video game. 

You have nothing to lose but time. Don’t waste this opportunity with doubt and end up looking back realizing you could have done more to give your child the opportunity to become soccer player they want to be...
What Others Are Saying...
"18 days on Evolution of Touch, my son ran 2.5 miles straight at a 10 minute mile pace!"
"We are loving our first month of Renegade Soccer Training! AMAZING!! We tried 1 mile jog before starting RST and at 9 mins... "Daddy, I'm tired, can we walk?" Now with 12 Burst workouts and 18 days on Evolution of Touch, my son ran 2.5 miles straight at a 10 minute mile pace! Even finished it off with an 80 yd sprint. Coach JR's emails have become family bonding time in striving to work hard every day, not just for soccer. I am immensely grateful he has the words that I don't, to feed mental toughness to my 2 aspiring athletes, as well as helping me breathe confidence into them regularly. Renegades for life, legends when they hang'em up."

- Sam L. (Katy, TX)
"It's astonishing how quickly he could see results."
"Truly, this has been one of the few programs my son has enjoyed. It's astonishing how quickly he could see results. He likes to be challenged and is looking forward to your new program. Evolution of Touch had lead to amazing results. Better ball control has helped my son gain confidence. You can see his creativity and enjoyment has increased! I would definitely recommend Renegade Soccer Training to anyone, and I think my son’s team could benefit greatly from it."

- Andrea L. (Hesperia, CA)
"I have noticed an improvement in my daughter's confidence on the ball."
"My favorite feature of Renegade Soccer Training is the way Coach JR talks through the process. With Evolution of Touch, I have noticed an improvement in my daughter's confidence on the ball. I would recommend Renegade Soccer Training to others."

- Charlie M. 
"My favorite features include the little amount of work I needed to motivate my girls to get touches on the ball."
“Once I found out about Renegade Soccer Training's Evolution of Touch, I didn't hesitate long about purchasing it. I wanted to find a good program for my kids to use this summer between soccer seasons. Once I saw the scheduled planner and examples of videos, I was sold.

My favorite features include the little amount of work I needed to motivate my girls to get touches on the ball. The quick duration of each session was an easy sell. And the fact there was a progression of the skills makes a lot of sense, and the skills weren't too difficult for their ages. Also, they can do the videos whenever they want. They were doing this program in the summer, between family vacations and soccer tournaments so we couldn't follow the schedule strictly.

For my girls, they were already fit but this got their legs in great shape. My one daughter commented on how big her calves looked. And they just started their seasons and their touches look good. And I notice more confidence when they have the ball.

I am a coach and I usually have recommendations for programs and things to do outside of the club practice. I will definitely be recommending Renegade Soccer Training to the parents of my team. And it helps that I have actually done it so I am recommending this while having done it before.”

- Bill D. (Austin, TX)
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
Can I Download The Videos?
At the moment, No. The videos can be streamed to any device that is connected to Wi-Fi or internet. Depending on your phone plan, you will be able to stream the videos to your mobile device and train wherever you are.
How Long Can I Do The Programs For?
As long as you want. Our programs are built around set routines such as 30, 60, or 90 days and once you have completed them, you can redo them to increase your skill. The programs are designed to have you push yourself so there is always improvement. These videos will give you a great supplement to your ongoing training.
What Age Is This For?
U9 and up. All of our videos focus on building a solid foundation. If the weeks that follow, the simplicity is taken away and complexity is added. This type of programming allows for anyone, from U9 and up to progressively get better. 
Do I Pay Monthly?
No, the cost is $297 / Year and you can cancel at any time. 
Do I Have to Follow The Schedule?
No. While we outline a complete program for you to do. You can choose not to do it and select which videos you would like to do on what days. You can make it work around your schedule.
What If I Have Practice?
If you have practice, you can use the All Access Pass as a supplement to get more touches or as a recovery workout. You can also schedule out the routines we have outlined for you across a schedule that works for you. It might take you longer to complete the program, but you’ll have a system that works for you.
How Do I Get Access?
Once your purchase is complete, you are emailed login information. From there you will be able to access a members only area where you will see all of your programs. 
What if I Have More Questions?
Email us at
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