WARNING: This Challenge Is Only For Soccer Athletes Looking To Build Confidence & Control of the Ball
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  • Get Thousands of Touches on the Ball, 15 Minutes A Day
  • ​A Proven Curriculum Backed by Over 50,000 Athletes
  • ​Supportive  & Private Community For Motivation & Accountability (Train At Home, Inside or Out!)
  • ​Leader Scoreboard With Weekly Updates
  • ​Cash Prizes!
  • ​Open to All Skill Levels U9 & Above
Challenge Starts Monday  June 14th, 2021
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This is a 6-week challenge that focuses on improving your ball control and confidence on the field. Get thousands of touches on the ball in a short amount of time. We’re talking about 80,000+ touches in just 6 weeks! Now is always the best time to start and with the help of a supportive community, a proven curriculum backed by over 15,000 athletes, and cash prizes... you are for sure going to see positive results.  

There's nothing worse than going to practice, training, and seeing little to no results.  

For one thing, it takes a lot of time that as a player, you just don't have. When you finally do get around to creating your own training routine, you spend more time staring blankly at your computer screen than creating. Everything you plan is a struggle. When you actually manage to put something together, it only gets you so-so results.

You start thinking, “why in the world am I spending all this time and money when the results just aren't worth it. ” 

Of course, you could always hire a personal trainer or coach… 

... if you've got money to burn and don't mind paying close to $50 or even $75 an hour. 

I'm Coach JR, and I'd like to introduce you to my newest 6-week challenge, The Gauntlet IV.

With The Gauntlet IV,  you can train like an elite level athlete regardless of your skill level because the curriculum is designed to be individualist. Meaning, it's custom to you and your unique progression. So regardless if you have never touched a soccer ball before in your life or you can dribble like Messi, you can still benefit. 

  • No more lack of confidence on the ball, dribbling with your head down, not knowing what to do...
  • No more freezing up when defenders begin to come at you...
  • And no more losing the ball because your thought about going in one direction but your legs wanted to go elsewhere.

This Is Your Opportunity to Join the Ranks of 1,178+ Players Who Have Taken This Challenge.


Why We Created
the gauntlet
Let's say that you go to practice 3 times a week for 90 minutes, so about 4 hours per week. 

You're only averaging about 750 touches a week, meanwhile in Europe, players are getting 10,000 touches on the ball day!  Just doing the first training session in The Gauntlet IV and you would have averaged 2000 touches in as little as 15 minutes. 

Renegade Soccer Training has helped over 50,000 soccer players develop their ball control skills and playing confidence all from the comfort of their own home.

With virtual players from all over the world, we've seen every type of training routine there is including all of the strategies and tactics to produce positive results...  

More importantly, what doesn't and why.  

While tons of "soccer experts" struggle to produce results and provide actual development to players... 

I've yet to see this system not work within a player's tool set to produce a consistent training routine that provides a high number of touches in a short amount of time.  

And that's because this curriculum has been created by using the same principles used by elite level soccer training programs from around the world, so you know that your control and confidence on the ball is going to skyrocket.

The Gauntlet is the easiest and fastest fast way to absolutely nail THE most important piece in all of your training... getting more touches on the ball.  

How Much Does
Before I answer that, let me ask you a question.

How much would you spend to…
  • To see more development in your skill at home - saving hours of driving to practice and games - too dramatically improve your game?
  • ​To get a curriculum that gives you 80,000 touches in only 15 minutes a day, in a progressive manner, that is totally individualistic to your skill level AND can improves your fitness?
  • ​To get the exact support you need when you need it along with the RIGHT amount of accountability to ensure that you show up and the right INSENTIVE to make sure you follow through and achieve your goals. 
  • ​To go to goal, play with confidence, and beat defenders every time you have the ball?
The Gauntlet gives you all that and more.

If you had to pay a personal trainer or coach to create this kind of programming for you... assuming that they could... you would be looking at paying several thousands of dollars for that level or programming. 

I'm making The Gauntlet available for a fraction of that...

It costs just $67.

That's less than the cost of a private lesson and you're getting essentially two years of touches on the ball in a progressive manner through a proven curriculum.

That's less than your monthly order of Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato's at Starbucks...

But that's not all...

Take the "GAUNTLET IV" Challenge to Get Years of Proven Game-Ready RESULTS All Inside An

Unmatched Experience That Helps You 4X Your Ball Control & Confidence In 6 Weeks or Less So You Can Ultimately Take Your Game, Ability & Impact BEYOND the Next Level Quickly...

Saving You MONTHS or Even Years of Guess-work & BURNOUT for Just $67 TODAY!

See How You Are Developing Through
Weekly skill challenges
Every week inside the Gauntlet, you are going to receive not one, but two 15 minute workouts that are going to teach you different footwork patterns. 

These footwork patterns were created in a progressive manner so that you get touches on all sides of your feet. You start off with simple basic patterns but then quickly move on to more complex patterns. This gets you used to the feeling of moving with the ball and challenges your body to keep up, exploding your fitness level. 

You'll alternate these two workouts through the week so that you don't plateau and your constantly keeping your body guessing, developing your skill at record pace. 

Each day, you'll be averaging close to 2000 touches in just 15 minutes. 

At the end of the week, we're going to create a skill challenge that incorporates foot work patterns from both workouts which will act as your "test." This is how you're going to be able to see and test your development on a week to week basis throughout the 6 weeks. 

And if you need additional help, we are also going to help you by...
Following Through With
support & accountability
The entire Gauntlet Challenge runs on a private Facebook Group which is where we will upload your weekly workouts.

In addition to the workouts you receive, this is where you'll upload videos of you doing the Weekly Skills Challenges so that the RST team and community can see you in action and witness your development. 

By seeing how you do the workouts, we'll be able to provide you with specific coaching notes to better improve your game and you'll be able to see your progression week after week. 

This also helps keep you accountable so that you show up and do the work so you can have true development and get some amazing results by the end of the 6 weeks. 

And to help incentivize your development, we are offering...
cash prizes!
We are dedicating a percentage of the total sales we make for this challenge to provide two amazing cash prizes to those of you who accept this challenge.

So, the more people who accept the challenge, the higher the prizes. Our last contest winner now has an entire training dojo at home, all from simply working hard towards his dreams!

Those are just some of the reasons you’ll find that The Gauntlet pays for itself!

One winner will be awarded a cash prize for being most consistent in their posting of the "Weekly Skill Challenges". Meaning they uploaded the videos each week with the proper hashtags and phrases. We use a point system in order to choose this winner. 

The other winner will be for most improved and will be selected by the Renegade Soccer Training staff at the end of the challenge. 

The winners will have the funds sent to them via PayPal as soon as they are selected and verified. 

And don't worry...

This. Simply. WORKS. 

This is NOT Guess-Work, A Collection of Random Videos, Or How-To's. So What Is It?

a curriculum. a simple framework. a proven blueprint. a gamified system
Designed to Help YOU Unlock Your Ability & Unshaken Confidence to Beat Defenders, Go to Goal, and Expand Your Impact. 
After training more that 50,000 athletes over the past 6 years...

...it is no longer even arguable. 

Instead, it has become undeniable. 

This Simply WORKS Every Time A Player Shows Up Committed to IMPLEMENT the Renegade Way and DO the Work Required to GET the Results You Desire.

No one can do the work for you... 

Yet what awaits you inside allows you to save months or even years of guesswork and expensive mistakes, and it has the POWER to...
  • Think you're going to be running out of gas? Wrong! You're fitness is going to go through the roof as you learn to explode off the ball and get comfortable with both feet on the ball. (This is going to set your legs on fire and build up your cardio so you can push harder in the game. )
  • Stop feeling like you can't contribute at the level that you want. With The Gauntlet, the training starts at your level and give you massive gains as long as you're willing to show up and put in 15 minutes worth of work. Doing this day in and day out is a guaranteed way to improve your confidence on the ball. 
  • Take on any defender without second guessing yourself. Each week of the challenge you get a new video showing you a new progression for you to do at home. Each progression forces you to learn new man-beater moves so that when it's game time - you can execute the moves and blow past the defense.
  • ​More play time - a lot more. If your coach and teammates trust you when the ball is at your feet, you've become an asset to the team that can help them come home with the win. With 80,000 touches in just 6 weeks, you're going to improve your skill by a whole lot - securing your position on the field. 
  • Become a game change and the go to player on your team! The idea here to make the ball an extention of your body and the only way that can happen is through repetition. Which is why over the next 6 weeks, The Gauntlet gives you plenty of repetition in a progressive manner so you are building your muscle memory and learning new skill sets at the same time. 
  • ​Earn the respect of everyone - including the other team. When a player is good, everyone knows it. Don't feel bad when the competition starts to double or triple team you because they recognize you're a threat. With the proven curriculum found inside The Gauntlet, the aim is to make you the best player on the pitch by getting thousands of touches on the ball in a progressive manner. 
  • Save time and money following a curriculum rather than on someone who is planning on the way to practice. It's true, however unfortunate that many private coaches and trainers plan their progressions on the way to a session. With The Gauntlet, we methodically mapped out the next 6 weeks to focus on one thing - individualistic development so that no matter what skill level you are, you can join, benefit, and see massive results. 
  • See true player development. This isn't just a collection of random footwork and ball control videos. We stress the importance of measured improvement and developed a curriculum that delivers. That way, you can see exactly how much you have improved on a week to week basis and adjust your training. This is true player development. 
  • And So Much More!
I guess you could say that The Gauntlet is like it's like having elite level soccer training from the worlds top organization right at the palm of your hands minus the lifelong contract, giving up your rights, and high expenses.

But again...

This doesn't come free, and requires you to GO ALL IN trusting a process proven by thousands before you. 

Here's Just A Fraction of Them...

"It's Fun To See The Progress That You Can Make In A Short Amount of Time..."

I definitely got better. It's just happy to see results from something that you're working hard to achieve. If you're working, It's fun to see results from a process that I mean, wasn't super long - six weeks, but it's fun to see the progress that you can make in a short amount of time. 

- Jakob

"It's Just A Lot Easier For Me To Play... A Lot Easier."

I've had some soccer games recently and I'm a lot better than I was. I was getting past defenders easier. It's just a lot easier for me to play and a lot easier. For me, it's just easier to just score and be able to look up and pass because the ball become like an extension of my foot.

- Jude

"The Gauntlet Has Helped Improve The Confidence & Ball Control of My Three Children..."

"Michaela probably had her two best games that she's had in her history of playing soccer. Recording one goal in to assist but most importantly is asking her afterwards what was different she remarked at how much better she was being in an athletic position as well as being in that good head up position to be able to look for the passes."

- Jeff Wills

"It's Great Having The Training At Home... It's Just A Very Exciting Program And We Love It!"

So our son Zach was very excited with the gauntlet challenge. Words couldn't Express when he came off the field and he came over to us and he's like I did it! I did it! That's what they were doing in the gauntlet!

- Paul Zimmer

"Having A System Is Outstanding. It's Great to Start Simple And Work To The More Complex...."

 Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. I think that applies to sports and in particular soccer. Don't worry about being fast. Don't worry about being great right away, but work on being smooth in the system and follow the system and the progression will happen. I noticed that drills that I struggled to do it the start towards the end were, I was more proficient in them.

- Adam Wallman

This is Your Opportunity to Join The 1170+ Renegades Who Have Taken This Challenge. 


You Are 100% Protected By Our 100% Money-Back
I'm so confident you're going to love The Gauntlet that we're offer a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee. If you find that The Gauntlet is not for you—we'll refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked
So What Is The Challenge?
The Gauntlet is a 6 week challenge. You receive access to a private Facebook Group which is where the challenge will be housed. Each week within the group, we'll post two new workouts of the week. These workout are what you will do each day for that week.  The following Monday, you'll be asked to submit a video of you doing a "Weekly Skill Challenge" which is a workout that incorporates the previous weeks workout with a specific hashtag and phrase so we can keep track of your progress. Everyone receives the same workout regardless of skill level. In addition, YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK account even if it is blank and use it just for the challenge, it is a REQUIREMENT. The Facebook group offers support, answers to questions, additional trainings and suggestions. 
Does My Child Need A Facebook Account To Be In The Challenge? 
No. However they do need access to a Facebook account. Previous competitors have used their parents accounts to upload their workouts. Other families created a whole new Facebook account as a family specifically for the challenge. We understand the concerns of social media so we do not require every challenger to have their own personal account. As long as they can access Facebook with a parent/guardian permission, they'll be able to benefit from the social interaction aspect the challenge provides. 
How Do I Submit My Workout Videos?
You will submit a video each week of you performing the "Weekly Skills Challenge" with a specific hashtag and phrase that's given a few days before (this ensures that it is current). There will be a post inside of the Facebook group where you will submit your video in the comment section below the post. This is to ensure there is no cheating and also helps hold you accountable. You do NOT need to compete and can join for only for the workouts and support. 
How Do I Get My Cash Prize & How Much Is It?
The cash prize will be announced once the challenge starts. We are dedicating a percentage of the total sales we make for this challenge to provide two amazing cash prizes to those of you who accept this challenge. That cash prize will be split in half to award two winners. One winner will be awarded a cash prize for being most consistent in their posting of the "Weekly Skill Challenges". Meaning they uploaded the videos each week with the proper hashtags and phrases. We use a point system in order to choose this winner.  The other winner will be for most improved and will be selected by the Renegade Soccer Training staff at the end of the challenge. The winners will have the funds sent to them via PayPal!
When Will I Receive My Workouts And Invite To The Support Group?
The support group will be ready to go Monday June 7th, 2021.  That Monday, you'll we will email you the link for the group along with log in credentials so that you can access the onboarding. We have one full week of onboarding before we actually start the training. This ensures everyone is on the same page. 
Do I Need to Buy or Have Any Equipment or Secondary Items?
All you need is a ball and six cones. Ideally have about a 10'x10' grid at home to do the workouts unless you choose to do them outside. You can also move the coffee table in the living room and that'll be adequate. The workouts are designed to be done in tight spaces. If you do not have cones, you can use socks, books, Lego bricks... anything!
Do I Need to Buy Additional Workouts From You?
Nope, not unless you want to. 
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
"I Would Recommend The Gauntlet to Any Kid That Wants to Step Up Their Game And Improve on the Field."
The biggest hesitation I had was whether my child would actively participate or not, I could see the value, I just needed to get my kid on board! My favorite feature has been that my son had fun while getting better, and continued to get better with evidence from his pre and post assessments. The results we have seen has been improvements in his ball handling skills. I would recommend The Gauntlet to any kid that wants to step up their game and improve on the field.
Kirk McCarcken
"Our Favorite Feature of The Gauntlet is Seeing Everyone’s Videos and Progress"
My biggest hesitation before signing up was deciding if The Gauntlet Challenge was value for money, but having the opportunity to win prizes and bragging rights got us to buy the challenge! Our favorite feature so far has been seeing everyone’s videos and progress which helped by son not feel so isolated while doing the challenges. I have seen my son’s athleticism improve, and my son also learned that putting in effort earns results. I would recommend The Gauntlet and I speak highly of it to family and friends. We loved how interactive the program was.
Daisy Cottle
"My Favorite Feature of The Gauntlet has been the Online Applications"
My biggest hesitation to before signing up for the Gauntlet Challenge was consistency and keeping the kids interested. The biggest feature that ultimately made me sign up was my kids wanting to develop during lockdowns. My favorite feature of The Gauntlet has been the online applications of concepts during lockdowns and clear instructions for the kids. The results I have seen from the Gauntlet Challenge have been better thoughts for feinting and improved body control. I would recommend the Gauntlet Challenge to my kids teammates.
"The Kids Feel Like They Have Gotten Much Better At Their Skills."
Before starting the Gauntlet, one of the biggest hesitations that I had was the Facebook postings. Ultimately, I decided to sign up because Renegade Soccer Training has proven to be a benefit to my kids in the past. My Favorite feature of the Gauntlet has been the accountability along with addon challenges and the opportunity to get feedback. Plus, the short videos. As far as results, the kids feel like they have gotten much better at their skills. I highly recommend this to teammates and friends of my kids.
Elizabeth Chow
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